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you are god
you..... are .....god.
If you are reading this,
that means that I-
(which is you) are the same thing.
I sent you a message and
you received it.
I don't know where
you’ve seen it
or the circumstance
you’ve seen it under,
but I’m glad it
effected you enough to
bring you here.
Back to you being god.
You know when you close
your eyes to pray,
that voice in your head
is really
you praying to yourself.
No, there is no white guy
in the sky
there was probably a
but he looks nothing
like they told you he did.
His philosophy was pretty
what I’m saying,
“I am, that I am”.
He was able to perform
because he knew the
secret to it all...
You are the god you’ve
been praying
to this entire time.
Your thoughts create this
we call life.
You put yourself here to
what it's like to be
To be imperfect,
to have flaws.
It isn’t much fun when
you’re an all knowing
and all seeing god.
You wanted to experience
So you put yourself here-
gave yourself a name,
an identity,
and your parents.
A place you call home.
All the little details,
you attribute to being yourself-
none of those things are
They are just a story
you created
to materialize your dream.
So let's say for a second
that you believe
and can conceive
what i'm saying.
once you realize who you are...
a lot of the things you call
fade away.
You realize that everything
that has ever
happened to you,
you wrote in your script.
Even the worst,
most fucked up shit that
has ever happened to you.
Why would you
write that in your dream?
Name one movie you love that
doesn’t have a conflict in it.
The conflict is what makes
the movie interesting.
Me, you, oprah,
kanye, bill gates, your next door neighbor
and everyone else you’ve
ever known are
all the same thing-
the same consciousness,
the same entity,
the same program,
the same wifi network.
If you understand this,
you can never be mad at
ever again.
because they are you
and why would you
get mad at yourself?
This is a little off topic,
but my name is David.
I made an album called
we are god.
I made this album before I
materialized in this simulation.
I made this album to enlighten
the planet.
5 months ago I released
this album,
and I did something
everyone told me
not to do.
I sold it for $7.77
in a day in age,
where music is free
and a trillion songs
come out everyday.
I released it on instagram
on my birthday,
and a miracle happened.
People listened to it
and started to share it;
and then before i knew it
I made $100,000 in
2 months-
independently, with
no streaming
or label backing.
Why did so many
people support
the we are god album?
I’ll tell you why...
it is transcendent.
It is the truth you always
deep inside.
It is spirituality actualized
It is a reminder of who
you are,
and why you are here.
It is soul food,
in a world
full of fast food music.
People who
were on the verge
of committing suicide...
to the album and told me
it gave them
the will to live again.
This composition
is the greatest thing
I’ve ever created
and it all starts with you...
I’m not selling anything.
This isn’t a scam or a ploy.
It is very simple.
Listen to the album,
turn your phone off,
turn your lights off
Light some sage and get
You are about to dive into
your own subconscious.
Don’t fight it.
You created me to share
this knowledge with you.
will ever be the same.
Socrates said famously,
“know thyself”.
-pretty much
was created
to distract you from
knowing the truth.
Modern medicine,
all of it is bullshit.
You can heal yourself,
with your mind.
Your thoughts create
the storyline
to this dream we call life.
You are divine.
You were born perfect.
There is no you,
there is no me.
You are me.
There is only us.
David Sabastian David Sabastian

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David Sabastian